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Specific Activity: DELIVERABLES


  1. From Periphery to Centre. The Image of Europe at the Eastern Border of Europe

By publishing and distributing the volume comprising the conference proceedings, the project will have impact in other universities from EU and beyond, which will multiply the number of individuals that will be informed on the activity of the project (1000 persons).

The volume of the conferences will be sent to universities and documentation centres in the EU, as well as to countries that are not members of the EU, in order to advertise the conclusions and experiences shared during these multicultural meetings on an international level.

The points of view expressed by the participants to the conference and published in the volume will be used in ongoing doctoral theses in the field of European studies, or those that are to be proposed, at universities from both EU and non-EU countries.


  1. The Image of Central Europe and of European Union in the narrations of foreign travellers


Multiplying and disseminating information in several EU and non-EU Member States universities. Beside the 50 participants to the summer school, other students, professors and specialists from EU and non-EU countries will receive CD-ROMs. The CD-ROMs will also be sent to university or public libraries

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