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Specific Activity: EVENTS

  1. International Conference: From Periphery to Center. The Image of Europe at the Eastern Border of Europe

Description: The target group is made up of: university professors from both inside and outside the EU, students, professional groups, researchers, primary and secondary school teachers

     Organiser: University of Oradea (Faculty of History, International Relations, Political and Communication Sciences) and the Centre for Imperial Studies Oradea – Chisinau.

     The project includes the printing of a volume comprising the proceedings of the belonging to the participants to the conference.

The conference allows debates, pondering and knowledge in the field of ethno-confessional diversity, social and security policies in managing European diversity and the dialogue between cultures and peoples. It promotes analysis of the relation between the closed and the open in intercultural dialogue; the relations between memory and identity in intercultural dialogue; the relations between cultural and ethno-national frontiers within the EU; the definition of the means to promote intercultural dialogue within the EU; how should the European institutions promote intercultural dialogue. It offers a comprehensive overview of both tradition and transformation in the social and cultural relationships at the heart of the political and socio-economic landscape in today’s Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Through this conference, we envisage to have specialists from different fields to bring to the foreground the issue of diversity, network societies, socio-economic crises generating pressures on the safety and security of citizens and community.

The conference will have the following workshops:

  1. European Identity in a Historical Perspective
  2.  “Unity in Diversity” in Europe
  3. European Frontiers vs. European Union Frontiers
  4. The Phenomenon of Migration in Europe
  5. Stalked realities and network societies

The participants to the conferences (students, teachers, professionals, researchers) will be able to compare different experiences, to discuss the ways of removing communicational barriers, to analyse the intercultural dialogue and to define the new sense of borders.

By publishing the volume (500 copies) comprising the proceedings of the conferences, the conclusions of the debates will be multiplied and the results will be amplified. There will also be a multiplying dissemination of information about the relationship between societies, migration, intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

The volume of the conference will be sent to universities and documentation centres in the EU, as well as to countries that are not members of the EU, in order to advertise the conclusions and experiences shared during these multicultural meetings on an international level.

The points of view expressed by the participants to the conference and published in the volume will be used in ongoing doctoral theses in the field of European studies, or those that are to be proposed, at universities from EU or non-EU countries.

  1. Summer School: The Image of Central Europe and of European Union in the narrations of foreign travellers

Description: Objective: organising a summer school bringing together young students from several European countries, university professors, local and foreign specialists. Accent is laid on practical activity, learning through action and exchange of opinion. Experiencing the dialogue and visiting places in the area inhabited by Romanians has as objective setting up the premises to identify elements of theoretical and practical connections needed to build the mechanism of a joint integration according to the European values.

Needs: announcing and inviting Romanian and foreign specialists; announcing, selecting and preparing the students; inviting professors; informing local media on the actions; preparing and organising visits to places with ethnic and religious specific features; accommodation and meals for the participants; organising debates in the latter part of the event.

Target groups: 50 young students belonging to several European countries, university professors, local and foreign specialists.

Methodology: Students, professors and specialists from different European countries participate to both a theoretical and a practical experimental debate (practical activities, role-play, case studies, and exchange of opinions) throughout the two parts of the summer school.


    July 19-30, 2014, The Image of Central Europe and of European Union in the narrations of foreign travellers. The Summer School will be made up of two parts:

  1. Study visit Oradea – Cluj Napoca – Chişinău – Cernăuţi – Romanians from abroad and within the boundaries
  2. Stana de Vale (7 days) – debates concerning the visited places and exchange of opinion between the 50 participants



  • understanding the importance of diversity in the new Europe and the need to connect cultures
  • getting to know the particularities of different European countries
  • reducing communicational barriers

Due to the participants from different European countries to the summer school which we intend to organize, promoted linguistic diversity is while tolerance and respect for other peoples, religions and cultures are encouraged.

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